BORISLAV ROVNÝ (nature photographer)


I am a native of Bratislava – part Krasňany. This margin of Bratislava was a part of the Carpathian forests and vineyards in the time of my childhood.From mom talking, I know that already climbing four I am looking for friends among small creatures at Bratislava’s forest and meadows.
I am glad to remember wanderings with my daddy fro Small Carpathians. Sweet were also holiday times with grandparents in the beautiful valley and countryside of Turčianska kotlina and Štiavnicke vrchy.
The entire childhood animals accompanied me from my surroundings. Once more amphibians and sometimes insects, birds or reptiles and fish of course. To the Nature was adressed also my study at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava. Education expanded my horizons in ecology and nature conservation. Later, I worked with a a group of enthusiasts on the Slovak Academy of Sciences, where I help to Miki Lisický establish new Department of ecosozology and monitoring.
Then came the big nice period of aquaculture. I was fully devoted to culture of endemic tropical fish from lakes Tanganjika and Malawi.
Now the time has come again when more and more coming back to earth, and desire to merge with the surroundings. Me and my camera trying to capture memorable moments of beautiful wildlife and nature.

In my naturephoto and wildlife gallery I want to share unforgettable moments wandering nature. I hope the pictures can slow down for a minute rush hours.

o_mne2“Noble nature, you are eternal admiration and respect.”
Borislav Rovný

More seriously I deel with naturephototo and wildlifephoto as beautiful hobby from the September 2007.
My equipment: Nikon D70 a Nikon D300. Používam objektívy Nikkor 70-200/2,8 ED-IF AF-S VR, 70-300/4,5-5,6 ED-IF AF-S VR,
200-400/4 ED-IF AF-S VR, 105/2,8 AF-S VR a Nikkor 12-24/4 ED-IF AF-S.