In May , I had an amazing opportunity to get acquainted with nature of one mysterious island in the Caribbean . Saint Vincent is a tropical volcanic island, which was modeled by volcanic activity. In the Richmond we sleep under active volcano La Soufriere . Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a large volcanic area formed at the meeting of Caribbean and Atlantic tectonic plates. The island is located in the tropical area and our meeting was marked by the rainy season and hurricanes . For me, this island remained in images and memory as a black pearl washed by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic . Volcanic slopes covered by tropical rain forests , fields and plantations. Magnificent are several waterfalls richly filed with rainwater that runs under the moment from heavy clouds. Everywhere man meets palms , mango trees , avocado tree , in the undergrowth of a rainforest ferns. I finally had the opportunity to see hummingbirds in the wild , anoles , several nice tropical species of butterflies and birds . Beautiful Caribbean Sea is full of colorful coral – gorgonians and fish . I’d like to turn ever sat evening on black sand on the shore of tropical sea and enjoying the game shapes sounds fragrances. Selected pictures from this trip , see : in the part Gallery / Nature / Caribbean – Snt.Vincent .

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